Install kicad mysensor components

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    @LastSamurai said:

    Ok I have finally figured it out. You need to open the "PCBNew" pcb designer part of KiCad -> "Einstellungen" (Settings) -> "Footprint Bibliothekswizard" (Library Wizard) -> Github Repo... (insert That makes them available in the PCB editor.

    Could anyone explain how I do the first step (open the "PCBNew" pcb designer part of KiCad)?

    I have started Kicad but can't see "Library Wizard" under the "Preferences" menu so I think I'm lost.0_1459192044065_kicad_mysensors.png

  • @mfalkvidd you have to open pcbnew pcb designer first. That's the third icon in the row on the right side of your screenshot.

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    thanks @Anduril !

    I got it working now.

    If anyone gets the following error:

    Errors were encountered loading footprints
    IO_ERROR: footprint library path 'R:\eclipse-workspace\mysensors-kicad/mysensors_connectors.pretty' does not exist
    from C:/Jenkins/workspace/windows-kicad-msys2-stable/src/kicad-4.0.2/pcbnew/kicad_plugin.cpp : FootprintEnumerate() : line 1758

    You just need to flip the / to \ (since Windows uses \)

    My fp-lib-table now looks like this at the end:

      (lib (name mysensors_arduino)(type Github)(uri "allow_pretty_writing_to_this_dir=${MYSLOCAL}\mysensors_arduino.pretty")(descr ""))
      (lib (name mysensors_buttons)(type Github)(uri "allow_pretty_writing_to_this_dir=${MYSLOCAL}\mysensors_buttons.pretty")(descr ""))
      (lib (name mysensors_connectors)(type Github)(uri "allow_pretty_writing_to_this_dir=${MYSLOCAL}\mysensors_connectors.pretty")(descr ""))
      (lib (name mysensors_handsoldering)(type Github)(uri "allow_pretty_writing_to_this_dir=${MYSLOCAL}\mysensors_handsoldering.pretty")(descr ""))
      (lib (name mysensors_leds)(type Github)(uri "allow_pretty_writing_to_this_dir=${MYSLOCAL}\mysensors_leds.pretty")(descr ""))
      (lib (name mysensors_network)(type Github)(uri "allow_pretty_writing_to_this_dir=${MYSLOCAL}\mysensors_network.pretty")(descr ""))
      (lib (name mysensors_obscurities)(type Github)(uri "allow_pretty_writing_to_this_dir=${MYSLOCAL}\mysensors_obscurities.pretty")(descr ""))
      (lib (name mysensors_radios)(type Github)(uri "allow_pretty_writing_to_this_dir=${MYSLOCAL}\mysensors_radios.pretty")(descr ""))

  • Sorry for hijacking this old thread, but I have problems finding libraries for all common parts. Does anybody have a working library for the HlK-PM01 power supply? There are tons of libs for the pcb layout, but i cannot find any symbols. How do you guys find this stuff? I am just asking google for "KiCad HlK-PM01". πŸ˜„

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    Usually I end up making a symbol myself, or use something that resembles the component that I want to add to the pcb

  • @tbowmo

    So basicly I could use any power supply in the circuit and still HLK-PM01 in the layout? How do I map this?

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    You map schematic symbols to pcb symbols using CvPcb. in your schematic, it's the 3rd icon from right, in the toolbar above your editor window

    The work process is normally as follows:

    1. Create your schematics
    2. Generate netlist
    3. Assign foot prints to the components, using CvPcb
    4. Re-generate netlist, as it now will contain info about footprints.
    5. Load netlist in pcbNew
    6. Do your layout in pcbNew

  • @tbowmo

    Thx, this should get me started. I've never successfully designed a pcb before. I had a look at Eagle a few month ago and gave up. I hove I'll have more success with KiCad. Your help is very welcome. πŸ™‚

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    @Jan-Gatzke I haven't gotten as far as you (i.e. I haven't gotten started wih pcb design yet) but I have collected a few guides that I think will help me to get going. Maybe they are useful for you as well:

  • @mfalkvidd

    Thx, this definitly saves some Google time. πŸ˜‰

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