Tips for controller with easy textinput support and assignment

  • Hey there,

    I'm planing to use mysensors a litte 'off-label':
    instead of monitoring sensors I try to build a counting system for sports. My brother is organizing sports tournaments with several matches running simultaneous. At the moment I'm trying to get the electronics working, but thats another point.
    We want to see the status of all matches at a central laptop and get the final status (points, statistics,...) after the match has finished. He has a software doing the organisation of players, matchmaking and online statistics. This data might get exported as xml or similar (has to be discussed with the software developer yet).
    My idea was to get a controller that is able to store a big amount of string entries for the database (player names) and the matches to play all imported from xml (maybe with some kind of import script?). Then the controller should be able to start a specific match (with unique ID) at one specific node (counting unit at the playside). Optional it would also transfer some strings maybe for announcement ("Player 1 vs Player 2 --- game starts") on the display of the unit.
    As I don't know most of the controllers my question is if there is one (or more) capable of doing something like that? I know transmitting points is not the problem, thats just sending integers. I think the tricky thing is assigning a match ID to a node and get the reported points back to the right match.
    I'm using pimatic at the moment and could not thing about a solution with this controller. I though about having one device for each match with associated string entries for names and integer values for points, but getting the data from the node (wich is running one match at a time) to the correct match seems difficult to me. If someone knows a good way that would be fine, as I know how to use pimatic and it has good scripting support.

    Best would be if this controller is running on windows, so it could run on the already existing laptop. If it's linux only I would have to add a RPi and connect to that.

    I'm grateful for any kind of tips/hints.

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