Sonos plugin (Newbie)

  • I just bought me a Sonos Play: 3 and trying to get a message function in Vera Edge. I am a total newbie with this and can not program the LUUP code.

    My final feature is that I want to get a message that I have received mail in the mailbox, but right now I don`t have sensor there and just want to test the function of a door sensor I have.

    Someone who can help me with this? Would be great if the message could be in Swedish also.


  • Admin

    Suggest you use the Vera forum:

    There already is a Sonos plugin for Vera. The rest is just automation rules. Nothing MySensors specific ;).

  • Is there something ready LUUP script for Mailbox sensor? Thought use regular magnetic switches.

  • Admin

    Use the BinarySwitch or BinarySwitchSleep sensor example.

  • I have now got all my parts and should test this sensor.

    Now when I connect the serial gateway to my vera edge it says "Lua Startup Failure Can't Detect Device". What can the problem be?

    I tried to disconnect it and connect it again but nothing happends.

    Erlier when I haven`t all parts for the sensor all worked okay with the gateway, the only difference now is that I have connected the radio laso.

    Please help.