battery powered LED notification light

  • Hi There,

    I have an idea to make a battery powered node that I can trigger remotely (like the relay node sketch). However, my scenario is a little different.

    I have a contact to a separately battery powered 3 LED circuit (came from a party gag ring that blinks when button is pushed once, and off when pushed a second time). I Soldered some lead wires to where the button was making the connection and can turn it on and off when momentarily closing the circuit active low (if that's the correct terminology).

    Is there a way i can use the relay sketch, but somehow let it sleep or consume less power?

    It seems from the threads I've been lurking that any time a node needs to receive data from the controller/gw, that it needs to have a dedicated always-on power source.

    I already have a basic battery powered 3v circuit (CR3477) with APM, nrf24 and digital contact to control the LED circuit

  • Hardware Contributor

    Perhaps I am misunderstanding your idea but if you want a node to receive messages while sleeping... no that is not possible. To receive anything the node has to be powered up. I guess the only idea would be to regularly wake up and wait for messages (which the other side could only send in these timeframes).