Another all-in-one PCB

  • Hi all,

    as many of you already did your own design, I also started working on that, as any other solution only covered 75% of my whishes :disappointed: .
    Therefore i established my own :bowtie: , but as I am a beginner in Hardwaredesign I would like to ask for your opinion to do as little mistakes as possible.

    What i wanted:

    • arduino Pro mini (china)

    • 2 LED Dimmer circuits

    • 1Wire for SHt7021 and light sensor

    • DS18b20 connection

    • PIR connection

    • small form factor (no mounting holes needed yet)

    thats what i came up with (KiCad files):

    It would be great to get some feedback about layout and the schematics!

    thanks in advance!

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