Temperature from Lexibook ASM30 sensor with Arduino

  • I just discovered MySensor so I will study what I can do with it. If it can help, I build a receiver for Lexibook temperature sensor, reversed engineered by myself.


    Note: if you have some suggestion about how to use MySensor to improve my project, please tell me !

  • @sgripon
    Nice project! You are using an Arduino (with rf433 rx) directly connected to USB on your RPi. If your used MySensors, you could transmit the temperature data from your Arduino with a Nrf24L01 to a gateway Arduino connected to your RPi by USB, Ethernet or WiFi. You would achieve the same result as your project but can expand it to multiple sensors (nodes) located at various locations away from your RPi. For example, I have a 433mhz sensor node which listens for commercial temperature sensors (similar to your example) but it also recieves signals from a 433mhz scene controller (keyfob) and can send signals to multiple 433mhz outlet switches. This is just one of 20 different nodes on my network.

    If your are looking to expand your system, you just need some Nrf24L01 radios and another Arduino. The code on this site is easy to adapt to your sketch.

  • I started integrating MySensors with my system. MySensors allows me an easy integration with Domoticz. However, I still use RF433 modules because they are cheaper. I plan to add RF433 nodes with the help of VirtualWire library.

    My first step is available: integration of remote light switched Chacon DI.O : https://wiki.sgripon.net/doku.php/add_chacon_di.o_remote_control_support_in_domoticz

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