Relay Trouble - Controller Status Updates

  • Hello Friends -

    I have a rather strange issue that I'd like to float by you. I will hold up on sending sketch information, etc unless we feel it's necessary (just don't want to confuse the situation).

    I have a sensor that does pulse counting (water flow) and also controls one relay. Using Vera as my controller and an ethernet gateway, I've noticed on many occasions that when I actuate the relay, the relay moves as commanded but the status doesn't always get updated in Vera. I sometimes have to click the on/off button several times to get the state to update correctly. (The "light bulb" on the Vera GUI.)

    Any thoughts on where I should start troubleshooting? I'm guessing it's radio/comms issues on either the sensor or gateway. I do have several "one way" sensors (temperature, etc) around the home that seem to work just fine. My relay sensors are the only ones where I command "MySensors" to do something via the controller.

    Thanks for any starts you can provide.

  • Mod

    I would start with checking the debug logs on the node and on the gateway. They should reveal if messages fail.

  • Thanks for the quick response. I will enable debug on the sensor and see if I can capture some errors. The problem with debugging on the gateway-side is this is controller-induced. There's no way (to my knowledge) to see gateway debug messages while connected to the controller. I wish the Vera plugin had an inherent way to log to the Vera filesystem.

  • Last night I found that I could put my thumb on the sensor's antenna and the sensor would then work flawlessly. After switching radios on both the sensor and gateway without luck, I reduced the power on the sensor. This has seemed to fix the issue for now.

    By the way, I'm using a separate 3.3v supply, capacitor on the radios - the works.