What solder paste are you guys using?

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    So then, as the title reads; what solder paste are you guys using when soldering IC's with no leads, QFP, DFN, SOP, etc etc.

    I'm looking around and all i can find is the chinese/hong kong stuff. I've heard its pretty bad so whats your solder paste of choice?

    While we're at it, what about your flux too?

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    for flux: usually no clean flux, rosin. liquid or gel, pen sometimes.

    • those on mysensors store work well for me.
    • I have other a bit more expensive like kester.

    but the cheap one work ok. depends what you do. No clean is very common, but not recomended if circuit is high impedance >1M. I have one board which will be high impedance, so I will take care 😉

    for solderpaste:

    • cheap chinese work well for me on some stuff. I didn't tried it for reflowing.
    • For reflowing, I use, more expensive, well known chipquick, and I try to respect his temperature curve for better performance! but not the same price! I use leaded no clean, it's for hobby, and easier to use and to have good result, so I have no problems with those concerns.
    • There is also kester, multicore brand.

  • For flux, usually JBC FL-15 from my local dealer. Clean with water. Very good results.

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    I'm yet to venture into the world of expensive but quality solder and flux. I'm still using materials from Aliexpress. When i get into the more quality of boards i will bring in the extra cost of those high quality products.

    Thanks for your feedback guys!

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