Hack Garage door keypad to change code with Vera

  • Hack Chamberlain garage keypad.

    Hi anyone ever hack a garage door keypad? I am interested in not only open/close my door but would like the option to change the code on the keypad. I am figuring I can connect a wire to each button on the keypad and wire it to and arduino uno Then connect a wire to the purple button on the motor unit to another arduino. Once done add the code to press the purple button, then enter code twice and it should be changed. If it works I like then to add it to Vera as a my sensor lock. Do you think this can be done? Was it done before?

  • Admin

    It would probably be easier to hack the keypad unit completely. That is, replace the current logic with an arduino, let it transmit the entered code via mysensors, and then let your controller decide if the port should open or not.

  • Thanks, I will explore that as well.