2.0b gateway - do I have to upgrade sensors/controller also?

  • I have an ESP8266 gateway running 1.5. And everything else runs 1.5. I'm having a problem that upgrading to 2.0b will apparently fix on the gateway. Will I also have to upgrade my sensors to 2.0b? What about the 1.5 plugin on my Vera?

  • So, the answer appears to be that all is compatible. I upgraded the gateway to 2.0b, but sensors and Vera are still on 1.5. It all seems to work just fine.

  • Admin

    Signing is not backwards compatible, and we are adding new features to 2.0, that isn't available in 1.5.

    So things will break soon..

  • @tbowmo

    Wouldn't there still be a way for the 2.0 gateway to identify messages coming from 1.5 sensors and still handle them appropriately, rather than breaking things? I have one sensor that is VERY difficult to get physical access to, and I'm sure some others have similar situations. It would be nice to not have to switch everything over at once.

  • Admin


    It's a new major release, that means that we could break compatibility with 1.x. It might work, but it also might not..