Some Questions with gardening node (sensor/accurator)

  • Hello

    Ich want to implement a gardening node and found this project:

    I think i am able to adopt this for my setup without the solar power part.

    There are still some question on the hardware-side:

    • the pumps
      When using this setup: i need one pump per plant. Is there a more efficient setup with one pump and valves? I searched for valves, but they seem to be far more expensive that these cheap pumps?
    • unknown parts on the pcb
      Can someone explain to me, what the items below the arduino are used for?
    • Power
      when using a 12v power supply a can use it to power the pumps (directly), the 5v arduino (via the RAW input pin) and the radio (via the 5V pin of the arduino + a 3v regulator)? Is that correct? did i miss anything? Any idea, how many pumps should run at the same time? or should it be limited to one per time on the controller side?

    Anything i should think about?


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