4x4 softbuttonpad with motorized sliders to control your led's

  • A while ago I created a 4 by 4 soft buttonpad to control some lights around my house. After that I figured out that some motorized sliders would fit perfect in this project controlling the individual RGB values. The first prototypes I have created work quite well.

    The end result:
    alt text

    Every button (in a 4 by 4 grid) represents a light source around the house. Upon a button press, the 100mm linear motorized sliders will then automatically go to the current RGB values for that light source. Upon a change in the slider, the ESP8266 is instructed to send the new values to the Vera3.
    The light of the button is representing the light of the ledstrip.

    The Arduino and lua code can be found on github: https://github.com/timdows/AMD/tree/master/WifiBottonController

    The PCB schema:
    alt text

    Installing the different components:
    alt text

    List of some components:
    Arduino Pro Mini 5v
    ESP8266 (Wifi module)
    2x L293D (to control the motors on the sliders)
    WS2812B leds
    4 x 4 softbuttons (from sparkfun)
    4 x 4 buttonpad PCB (from sparkfun)
    3x 100mm Behringer X32 motorized sliders

    In the next phase, I will connect the 2 line LCD display to display the name of the selected light source, as I cannot remember 16 different lights apart ^^
    I will also do something about the loop in the code to detect a button press

    More photos can be found on my blog.

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    That's a beautiful solution @timdows, great work! Gotta get me some of those buttons.