Mysensors "Global" message

  • Hi all, how can i send (is possible?)transparently a global message (like "set on board led ON" )from a node to all other nodes without to add seperate "set" commands for all nodes? (another newbie 🙂 ) .

  • @zzz-teo

    By using a for loop and iterate over the nodes (1-255 possible) and send it one by one.


  • Thanks for the response @boozz , but... i have i my mind something such as ... all nodes react to a message with its ID(default) and to this "global type" message... something like a "system channel" with special comands like "who is listening"? or "everyone switch to mode "x" . Any idea?

  • Admin

    @tekka is playing with a new broadcast implementation which would allow you to do this type of things.

    (the problem here is to avoid a broadcast mess where repeaters re-send things endlessly)

  • @hek thanks for the response i will try to figure out @tekka 's broadcast implementation... i would appreciate a guideline from @tekka!

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    Hi there !
    I know this thread is almost one year old, but I haven't found any recent thread about broadcast messages.

    Is there a way to broadcast messages ?
    My switchs are meant to drive groups of light.
    Instead of sending multiple messages, each switch could broadcast a message which each light could intercept, check if the "group id" is the correct one, and turn on 😉

  • @napo7 said in Mysensors "Global" message:

    Is there a way to broadcast messages ?

    Hi, @napo7, still have the same question! The only thing that i have done till now is... to send a message to set.Destination(255) that is being handled from gateway as a normal message, but althought is visible to serial output all other nodes, wasn't able to handle it! (do not forget that i am new to this). is there any idea how to retrieve the payload from this kind of "INTERNAL" message?

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