• A start of my wateringsystem for my greenhouse.
    Will use one Arduino to run the irrigation system, one for temp, rain and light messurement. Finally one Arduino to run 4 relays for my outdoor light.

  • @Lars65

    Put your pants back on! No working Naked!!
    I laughed when I say the jeans in the picture. Have fun building!

  • @DrJeff say jeans??? didn't you see them (in your sentence, saw, maybe? Well since it wasn't up and running, did I have to water in my underwear. 🙂

  • @Lars65
    Good times! 😆
    Yes I meant "saw" thanks for the good laugh. Did you finish yet?

  • Hero Member

    Hi @Lars65

    Now you have finished dressing yourself, why not consider using a IO port expander rather than 3 arduinos?
    Something like:

  • @gregl one arduino to control watering, one arduino to check temp, and light also connected a rainsensor to it. The last arduino will check humidity of the plants in the greenhouse.
    Simple as that.
    Also I can't program the arduino, I have to "steal" all coding.
    I like this mysensor concept, I have a CNC milling machine in the garage. It mills surfaces up to 1100x 800mm, I can mill PCB:s and also wood, plastic etc. I have a 3D printer on which I also can produce details, and of course my workshop for soldering and stuff like that.
    But I really need to learn programming, soI think I will try study this at theevenings now when it soons get dark, cloudy and rainy.

  • @Lars65 Wondering if you have done anymore work on this Watering System? Also wondering why you are using a rain sensor in a greenhouse?

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