Balcony flower box irrigation

  • I don't have a home controller. The sensor network and the gateway are enough for me if
    I could place the humidity control and an html server on the gateway.
    my sensors: arduino pro mini, rf24, and humidity sensor. unfortunately I can't find an entry point on how to extract the humidity values, for example, for processing.
    Maybe someone can give me a tip? Best with an example.

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    @pbw a gateway's function is to act as a gateway between the nodes and a controller. I don't think you will have all of the needed memory available to add logic to the gateway and you will make your solution very static.

    You can implemented your own lightway controller, just have a look at the Serial API. But controllers like Domoticz are lightweight and the already over a browser based interface. And most of them are easy to setup creating a much more versatile and dynamic solution.

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