so i was thinking outside the box here and.....

  • I am unsure if this is even possible but would like some input
    i found an old post on
    this guy states he can upload code from an attached sd card. so my thoughts were why can't we upload all the libraries needed and make a sort of generic node. then you plug it into the network, run a whole ton of security stuff then when you connect a sensor you could hypothetically program via the NRF, so send it instructions like "you have a gas sensor on A0" then the arduino uploads relevant libraries and transmits it. the controller stores what you have saved and offers different views (like a graph, just numbers etc) you could theoretically upload multiple sketches from this.
    the added bonus is that you could do an update to all sensors as well when the awesome community has done one. you could literally make the whole setup so easy as you plug in the arduino> load the sd reader sketch and nrf24l01 libraries> connect sd card reader and nrf and sensors> out in location with power source>goto computer and tell it what it need to do (sensor type and/or repeater)
    when updates become available the system auto broadcasts the updates and the nrf's write the files to the SD card deleting the obsolete ones

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    @freerpg it's an interesting idea. The functionality is already there with OTA. You can upload whatever sketch to a 'generic' node even without SD card.

    The concept of generic sketches would take a lot of standardization as there are so much variants. For me that would take the fun out of the equation after the fun of designing it.. 😉

  • what standardisation are you meaning?
    I was thinking it would be more like a jigsaw puzzle type UI where you choose the board(uno, mega etc) choose the device, choose the library for that device and finally what pins they are on.
    then people could just select what they wanted.
    this would not work for servos and things where each one has a different use, but reading a sensor would be the same worldwide, its just interpreting the data and the way you want in displayed thats different

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    It looks like you want to do something like ESP Easy, but I don't think it's really feasible with an arduino...

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    @freerpg something similar was discussed in I think. I don't think anybody has built it yet though.

  • I suffer from the issue of having grand scheme but no skills. Do not think for a second I am not listening to you all.
    I might draft this up into a flow chart and trial some code to see if I can get it to work, the part I have issue with is my coding is slightly above "hello world" in that I can mix and match stuff, fix errors, but writing a new code is beyond me, so the UI for the controller is way more beyond me then I could imagine. would anyone even consider looking at what I do to help out?

    I actually want to use all the sketches on here and people can upload more, then when you go "thats a brilliant idea I need 5 of them" you buy the parts goto the UI select what you want, it states this is the wire up (this is the part that would be hard because I want it to give options not have everything on A0 for example) then you wire it, press send code and presto its working without wires to the computer.

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