Add item in openhab from MQTT gateway

  • Hi guys,

    You have been a big help to me so far and I would like some more.

    I have a running MQTT Ethernet Gateway, I also have a running BinarySwitch but I just don't have a clue how I add this as an item in openhab. I tried this one, but it ain't working.

    Contact door "MQTT [%s]" {mqtt=">[homeAuto:homeAuto-out/101/3/V_TRIPPED:state:OFF:1],>[homeAuto:homeAuto-out/101/3/V_TRIPPED:state:ON:0]"}

    Is there anyone who can help me with this one? And is there somewhere I can read about how to configure different items from MQTT in openhab?

    Thanks guys

  • Hi again,

    I got to the point where I ain't get any error in my openhab.log file and this is how it looks now, but still doesn't work.

    Contact door "MQTT [MAP(]" {mqtt="<[homeAuto:homeAuto-out/101/3/1/0/V_TRIPPED:state:MAP(]"}


  • Are you using OpenHab1 or using a beta of OpenHab2?
    It would be useful if you posted the error you were originally getting.

    I upgraded my gateway to 2.0 with MQTT so soon will be configuring Openhab but I'll be using Openhab2. Shouldn't make to much of a difference though.