Status Display Based on WS2812b LEDS

  • Hello, i want to build a little Box with 4 ws2812b leds and 4 buttons.

    I need the possibility to turn each led on and off and to set a colour.

    The 4 buttons shall be detected as pushbuttons and the leds should be controlled manually, to indicate a status of an actor/light boolean variable.

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    Welcome to the MySensors community @kallii !

    Your project sounds more suitable for a plain Arduino implementation, but if you want to use MySensors you can start with the getting started guide and then use the examples for BinarySwitchSleepSensor (open it from the Examples menu in the Arduino IDE) and ParkingSensor

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    @kallii to add to @mfalkvidd: use the FastLED library for the ws2812b led's.

  • @kallii, How are you doing with this project of yours? Any links or pointers will be helpful in my project which is quite similar...

  • Im still at the beginning. Im only getting buttons work i never started linking up the ws2812leds. It shall be very simple, 4 buttons 4 ws2812leds (no rgb leds with 4 pins each..). I found a simple code with webserver where i can control 16 ws2812leds (brightness, color, blinkmode) for each led so i can use each one to representate a status. This webserver does not include the buttons and im not very firm in programming. :(. Is mysensors able to control single ws2812 leds? i only need to turn one led on and off and set a colour like red blue green, (not too many colours).

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    @kallii MySensors won't be the issue here. Try some of the examples of the FastLED library and you will be amazed.
    I can help you to get started if you have the basics..

  • Am i able to link FastLED Commands to a switch that i will present to mysensors? Maybe a simple binary 1/0 for on/off (static colour) for a single led of a multiple LED Strip. So that i can present multiple switches (one for each led on the ws2812 module, e.x. 😎

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    @kallii Sure, all you need is in the MySensors and FastLed libraries..

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