Does ESP8266 WIFI only node require IP gateway?

  • I was trying to program an ESP8266 only node and not got far before I hit the line

    #define MY_CONTROLLER_IP_ADDRESS 192, 168, 178, 68

    I currently have a serial gateway to my Vera, do I need to change to a Ethernet or ESP Wifi gateway first so I have an IP address to shoot at?

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    @stephenmhall why do you want to switch to an esp gateway? The esp is normally used for its WiFi capabilities.
    You can just as well load a serial gateway sketch on it, connect it to a serial to USB converter and use it as a serial gateway.
    Apparently you have a working serial gateway, so it all doesn't seem to make much sense...

  • I am trying to use an ESP8266 as a node using just it's wifi connection, as far as I can see from the examples this needs a gateway with an IP address not just an NRF Radio and serial connection.

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    @stephenmhall it needs a controller with an ip address, not a gateway. describes the difference between a controller and a gateway.

    Are you using the mqtt gateway or the ethernet gateway?

    According to the Vera page, Vera supports ethernet gateway, but not mqtt. Therefore you should probably use the ethernet gateway and leave MY_CONTROLLER_IP_ADDRESS disabled/commented (the way it is by default). You then add the ethernet gateway to Vera according to the instructions here.

    I don't use Vera though so I have not tried this myself.