Ethernet gateway 1.4 not responding to sensors during inclusionmode

  • I had everything working with 1.3 version and decided to upgrade to 1.4 for better quality of communication but I can't get it to work for 100%.

    When debugging I see that all messages from my humidity sensor are acknowledged by the gateway when resetting the sensor, meaning "st=ok". BUT.... almost all messages go wrong (st=fail) when I set the gateway into Inclusionmode!

    Sometimes some of the messages are OK meaning I have to restart the sensor about 10 times to get all the devices to show up in the gateway (in Vera). I didn't have this problem with 1.3, Only one restart was required to show all devices in Vera.

    While debugging I also found that the gateway is not receiving the messages from the sensor. In the function MyGateway::processRadioMessage() the if(process()) condition does not become TRUE. Meaning that in MySensor::process() the call to RF24::available(&pipe) is not returning TRUE, indicating no messages are waiting to be processed.

    Can someone please explain to me why there is a difference between inclusionmode and "normal mode"? As soon as the inclusionmode is over ALL messages are received and acknowledged again....

    (I have caps on all radios, tried with different PA-levels, different radios, exchanged the RF24 library against the one from 1.3 in both sensor and gateway, wall warts on both sensor and gateway, using the ENC-device etc.)

  • A little but oh so important update:
    I come to think of that I hadn't tried with a hardware inclusion-button yet. So I just tested that and now it's working perfectly!

    Up till now I started inclusionmode with the Start button on the Vera-gateway device. Clearly something is wrong when doing this.

    @hek: you maybe can find some time to look into the code for this?

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