[ESP8266] use soft signing

  • Hey there,

    I tried to use soft signing with my ESP8266 gateway and a nano node.
    I have both setup with the SecurityPersonalizer to the same Soft-HMAC. But what pin to use as soft signing seed?

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    Hello @Anduril

    From the doc 😉 here https://www.mysensors.org/about/signing

    "For the software backed signingbackend, an unconnected analog pin is required to set a random seed for the pseudo-random generator. It is important that the pin is floating, or the output of the pseudo-random generator will be predictable, and thus compromise the signatures. "

    So for instance, adcs like A6, A7 etc. let it floating (not connected).

  • yeah I know the reason for having an unconnected analog pin, my question was more about which to use on an ESP. Does it have an A7? I don't find one in the pinout. I only see A0 (which is not used in my case), can this be the floating pin for soft signing?

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    ah oki, lol how i didn't see that 🙂
    yep on esp8266 you have only one adc, so it's A0

  • ok so

    // Select soft/hardware signing method
    #define MY_SIGNING_SOFT //!< Software signing
    //#define MY_SIGNING_ATSHA204 //!< Hardware signing using ATSHA204A
    #define MY_SIGNING_SOFT_RANDOMSEED_PIN A0 //!< Unconnected analog pin for random seed

    should give a good random signing.

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