Multiple Gateway Interference

  • Hi all,
    I've made my gateway and sensor nodes and they're working perfectly. Now suppose that I have a neighbour that he has a MySensor gateway and sensors. How is it guaranteed that my sensors are not discovered by my neighbour's gateway!? I tought about inclusion mode but it is just defined for the gateway not for the sensors.

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    There is nothing that can prevent a neighbour from sniffing in on your traffic, but there are some options to make it harder.

    One possibility is to use another frequency for your own sensor network, than the default.

    If you are switching sensitive things (like door locks) Then you should use signing, as it is then only you who knows the secret key. The neighbour can still see your traffic though (If he is on the right frequency / channel)

    There are also possibilities for encryption, but encryption != signing. 🙂 They could be combined, with both encryption and signing in one.

    look over at this page for more info on security / signing aspects

  • @tbowmo
    Thanks for your reply.
    I'll study the signing article.

  • MySensors Evangelist

    @tbowmo Aha thanks so with sigining mr neighbourman can see I switch something (a light)... however he is unable to control the light 😉
    Big advantage over the old 433 😉 I must say.

    I'll have to read through your sigining post to see what I can do to prevent my SmartMeter data from being sniffed 😃 by the same neighbourman. I@Yveaux showed me a node with wireshark on a PC that could present all Mysensors traffic flying through the air.

    A bit more homework for me.
    anyway thanks for the update.

  • @tbowmo
    I studied the signing article and I enabled soft signing for my actuator node and didn't change my gateway node program (simulating the neighbour gateway scenario). I tested the network.

    The results:

    1. My actuator node is discovered by gateway and joins the network.
    2. After joining the network, I can't change actuator state anymore and I get the "SIGN verify fail" message on serial.

    The second part is nice however my problem is that I don't want my actuator node joins the neighbour gateway network!

  • Admin

    Then change your network frequency and/or the network address, both can be found in MyConfig.h file (if I remember right)

  • @tbowmo
    Thank you 😃
    Network address and radio channels were what I was looking for. Using network address and changing radio channel I can make my network unique and enabling signing option secures my network.

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