question about change frequency (channel) in WSN mysensors

  • hi friends
    i promise this topic is latest (about this issue) that i send because i know all of member are tired for my questions :) i so sorry .

    what frequency (channel) mysensors network work (default) ?

    for change this , how many channel we have?
    What the numbers ?( without Impact on one another)

    And the last , how change channel my serial gateway and my devices in sketch ?

    thank you mysensors team

  • Hardware Contributor

    ppl may be tired because you're not listening. don't take this negative.. as told you, the Search feature is useful..and you can get your answer quite faster sometimes

    But you're lucky :) I pushed the Search button. "Frequency" key word..and tadam.. guess what, everything you're asking is there ;)


    Sidenote : I'm half-kidding, don't worry, but more confident ;)

  • @scalz
    :) i'm so sorry again :)
    thannnnnnnnk you

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