MCU Output Driver Verification

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    I am creating a circuit in which a MCU (STM32) must drive 12VDC outputs, and wanted to make sure there wasn't anything missing in my driver circuit for the outputs.

    -R1 is the inrush current limiting resistor
    -R2 is the pull-down resister to keep the mosfet gate low if the MCU pin floats,
    -D1 is the flyback diode, for protection against inductive loads, which will be a use case.

    PS: I forgot to change the diode in the circuit, the actual part number is GSD2004W
    alt text
    The load will be connected to the 12V power line and the ground will be switched via the out pin.

    The expected load will be practically anything as long as it is 12V and less than 250mA. But there will definitely be relay coils, indicator lights, and solid state relays attached to the output.

    If there is anything I am missing that would be necessary or even a good idea or small improvement to include? I just don't want to spin a board with this and find out something wasn't working as intended, so some assurance would be nice.

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    @jecci if you will be driving inductive loads I would suggest to include a snubber circuit. A good article and design considerations here