Update to Version 2 / !TSP:MSG:SEND Problem [Solved]

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    Hello There,

    i updated my Gateway, my Repeater and my Node to MySensors Version 2. At startup everythink is OK. But after some times i get no updates from my nodes.

    In the Log i see the following Message:
    Log :!TSP:MSG:SEND 0-0-20-20 s=255,c=3,t=8,pt=1,l=1,sg=0,ft=0,st=fail:0

    The Node 20 is an sleeping node, so it is (in my opinion) normal the gateway cant connect the Node.

    It is needed to connect the IRQ to the NRF24?
    What is the TSP Message?


  • st=fail is a RF problem. Did you try to change nrf24l01+?

  • Hardware Contributor

    The Sensors are works perfectly together before i update the lib . . .

    My Gateway use an NRF24I01 +PA +LNA and my Sensor an normal NRFI01+ SMD

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    Try lowering the transmission power level. You are probably not feeding the module enough (or need to shield it better) .

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    I dont know why, it works before update.
    I just increase the capacitor to 500uF and it works like a charm. :satisfied:

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