Analog power meter reading TCRT 5000

  • Hi Guys,
    Does somebody have working pulse meter with TCRT5000 on analog power meter (Aluminum rotating wheel). I´m fighting with it right now and I need some help. Do I need to modify the sketch? I´ve adjusted pulse count according to power meter specs. The sensor is on all the time (while white / Al part of wheel) and turns off during the black part of wheel. During on time sends the sensor loooot of impulses, so I had my consumption up to 300 kWh a day and usage up to 100kW. Had someone same issue? Thanks a lot

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    @mikee this part in the example sketch

          if (interval<500000L) {
            // Sometimes we get interrupt on RISING,  500000 = 0.5sek debounce ( max 120 l/min)

    stops the sensor from triggering too often. Do you have this part in your sketch? If so, maybe increasing to 1 second or so will take care of the problem?

  • Yes I´m using example sketch. So my interval could be up to the fastest theoretical revolution ?

  • Mod

    @mikee that's correct

  • Most of these cheap boards do not have any hysteresis and tend to oscillate during output switching.
    Populate a resistor (100k...330k) for hysteresis and remove a capacitor. I my case this did help.
    Unfortunately in German, see the picture:,54408.msg459962.html#msg459962

  • Thanks Guys!
    I have edit the sketch and modified the sensor. Records made during night are finally closer to real situation. I need to correct pulse count.
    @karlheinz2000 - are you using digital or analog output as on FHEM forum? (Danke, fuer Deine Anweisung)

  • I use digital output. The R&C modification works only with digital output.

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