How can I get Arduino working even it can not connect with Gate Way?

  • I would like to have Arduino working and making its local job (example : dimming lights and the local buttons) even the Gate Way (GW) is out of service.

    How can I get Arduino going to the Loop routine after a three attempts to get the GW and does not get it connected (because GW is out of order)?

    Right now if the GW did not answered the Arduino will try to connect the GW over and over, making reset every 4 tries.

    I am using the last release for Arduino Pro mini and NRF24L01.

    Thanks for myour help and best regards

  • I'm looking for an answer to this too... My nodes sometimes have trouble connecting on boot... And it seems like they won't do anything until they make the connection to the gateway.

    Is there an api function I'm missing that lets the node continue attempting to connect in the background after x number of tries while still letting the node do it's own work?

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    from Hek's message in another post, this will be possible in the next version of MySensors, with an option to disable the transport sanity check at the startup of the library.

  • Dear friend,

    Thanks Nca78. I will wait or the new release.

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