Add a structure level under My Project?

  • Not so much a request as wishing.

    Would it be possible to add a structure under My Project to collect all the SenseBender, Slim Node projects, Easy/Newbie PCB and so on so it would be simpler to find?

    A structure like this for example:
    My Project
        Slim Node
        Easy/Newbie PCB

    Or to pin a topic for containing links to all projects

    This maybe already been up for discussion ?

  • Mod

    Nice idea.

    An alternative way to achieve the same goal might be to use tags. Example:

    Not sure which is best but tags might be easier to get going.

  • Admin

    Well, I kind of created to allow you to present your project (not only pcbs) in a more controlled manner. Over there you can tag it with relevant information (Sensebender, Slim Node, Motion Sensor, ....) and it will get a discussion thread here in the forum.

    We can also lift/present cool ideas/projects on if they have been created in the project platform.

  • I was thinking if I created for example a Slim Node project, I should put it in that area.
    Not only the creator of the PCB that the project is based on.

    Just to get it simpler to find project based on a specific PCB

    Or as I said a pinned topic like this


    Below is sensors based on My Slim 2AA Battery Slim Node found on

    Slim Node as a Mini 2AA Battery PIR Motion Sensor
    Slim Node Si7021 sensor example

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