Window Blinds

  • Hi there, I was wondering if any one can help me out with a wiring diagram and code to automate by window blinds using my Veralite Controller. I have no issues with the mechanical aspects of the project. I have seen numerous projects of people doing this, but most are just either too fancy or too complicated. here is a diagram of what I am looking for more or less.
    alt text
    I do not need the Kill Switch, The photocell, or The IR Sensor. All I need is to be able to manually open, and/or close the blinds with a push of a button or to do the same thing with my cellphone or Vera scene controllers. I will be willing to pay for it.
    Thanks so much

  • Admin follow up here. Sorry I don't have any ready to use sketch for your needs. There are some blinds projects here on the forum. Try searching.

  • @hek
    Thank you