Knock sensor keeps knocking. Alternative?

  • Hi,

    i was posting this issue at the Secret knock sensor under announcements. But maybe better here.

    I tried to get the secret knock sensor working. I connected only a radio and this sound sensor on a Arduino Mini Pro:
    alt text

    After uploading the example code from Arduino IDE the serial monitor shows me constant knocks. Seven knocks per second. On and on and on. This keeps going on even i unplug the Digital pin 5 which is connected to the DO of the sound sensor.
    Yes. I adjusted the sound sensor that the LED only blinks, when i knock on the mic. I tried a different Arduino and a different sound sensor and different wire.

    What else can i try? Are there any similar solutions out there?

  • Hardware Contributor

    @edsteve - you did connect it do the digital output and not the analog?

    If so I would guess its a debonce... add a wait();

  • I just found out that i adjusted the sound sensor the wrong way. I thought the LED should go ON when i knock on the mic and should be OFF if no sound is detected.
    Instead the knob on the sound sensor has to be turned left till the LED goes OFF. And then turn half round back to the right side so that the LED is ON. It will stay on. With or without a knock.

    But then it works with the sketch.

    As usual: Problem is the noob user 😉 Maybe i am not the only one.

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    @edsteve - thanks for reporting back - it might help someone else in the future 🙂
    Great you solved it.

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