A nEw aPProach to connection failures - FOREVER!!

  • hi everybody

    after several connection failure issues which ends only after power cycle of the node (pull the dc adapter out and insert again),
    i thought about changing to v2.0 library ( currently 1.5.4) but it's a 2 days work with 17 nodes to reuploading after sketch updating.
    so before i decide to start this big project, i thought about daily reset command inside the sketch but i only found the watchdog solution which i didnt quite understand and it also has some errors with mysensors here.

    my setup is RPi+S-gw running domoticz controller, most of nodes are nano on io-shield(Nrf24 socket with seperate power supply) some with de-CAP and some without( it thought the shield is enough) . also all my nodes are AC-Dc powered - no batteries at all.

    i finished yesterday installing new repeaters with nano+io-shield and long range antenna like this.

    is there a solution for reconnecting in the new v2.0 library which will solve this issue? something that will serve like a hardware reset and reconnect the node again? im tired of red colored caption on domoticz dashboard and false alarms (because of unupdated values....)


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