Arduino-controlled-battery-charger AND Amazon DOT control VA Domoticz

  • Two projects I am looking at present ..I take No credit for any of this work, it is other peoples project out there on the internet ,but I must say Quite interesting ,,so here we go
    Amazon dot (echo as well)
    I thought it would be worth mentioning here, since it works quite well with Domotciz and mysensor units ,and you other guys might like to try it.
    Check out this URL
    I have run the python script on the raspberry PI 2 and adjusted the Json script to switch lights of and on ,works well (Up to 16 units)
    This project by some one out there is about the only standard charger for non lipo Batteries I have found
    ( I am sure other people will now mention others,, please do)
    here is the URL
    you can monitor the serial out to see how well it is charging
    I thought about adding this WiFi to Serial Bridge, Arduino, RPi, ByPic
    ebay item number 311554685109
    It would really nice ,if some one could add a LCD to the sketch +++ some buttons so the charge could be adjusted OR it could made in to mysensor for Domoticz
    Some one has tried to duplicate the charging circuit for 4 batteries ,but the developer has said there would not be enough inputs for the temperature sensing of 4 batteries

    Oh and Merry Christmas everybody ,Happy new year 🙂 have a mince pie on me .

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