1.5.4 and 2.0 on the same computer

  • Hello,
    Is it possible to have 1.5.4 and 2.0 MySensors on the same computer ?

  • It is possible but you have to manually rename the files of one libary (1.5.4 or 2.0) and all dependecies inside the lib.

  • Mod

    It might be possible to have two installations of the Arduino IDE.

    An alternative that has been discussed before is to have MySensors in git and switch between branches.

  • @gloob
    thanks for the hint. I've done this today. Renamed the Mysensor files (added an 'X' at the end of every .h and .cpp files) and dependencies insides these files and everything compiles again under 1.5.4, so next thing is to install 2.0.



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