Late Christmas gift for the community

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    FINALLY! after a journey of almost 2 years, the official MySensors Sensebender Gateway (discussed over here) is now entering pre-sales at our parther, with an expected shipment date of around 21st of January.

    I know this has been a bit longer than first anticipated, but I hope that you all will bear with me on this one, as my daytime job has taken too much control over my life the past year.

    The plan is that it will be released with the latest firmware (we have release 2.1 coming up one of the next days). It will be built for NRF24 radios, without signing. But you can all change this by uploading a new firmware with arduino.

    Please head over to if you are interested in buying this board, or read the discussions on the openhardware project page

    (By buying this board, you will also support the mysensors community, as we will receive a small commission of the sales from itead)

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