Strange behavior of radio message callback

  • Hi.
    I've stumbled upon a strange behavior of radio meassge callback firing. I have a node with a temperature sensor and a relay.
    In setup() I have

    in loop()
    if (lastTemperature[7] != temperature && temperature != -127.00)
    gw.send(msgTemperature.setSensor(7).set(temperature, 1));
    lastTemperature[sensorID] = temperature;

    And my callback is:

    void onMessageReceived(const MyMessage &message)
    if (message.type == V_LIGHT)
    bool value = message.getBool();
    digitalWrite(message.sensor + FIRST_RELAY_PIN, value ? RELAY_ON : RELAY_OFF);
    gw.saveState(message.sensor, value);

    When I once send a switch command to a relay from my controller callback fires up and relay switches. But then it keeps firing with the same parameter value EVERY time when temperature value is sent to controller. That was unexpected to me. Investigation of code of MySensor::process() function shows that value of "len" variable

    uint8_t len = RF24::getDynamicPayloadSize();
    RF24::read(&msg, len);

    equals 8 in case when the "true" radio message for relay is received and equals 1 in the rest of cases when temperature value is sent. In other words, callback fires both when message is received (len = 8 ) and is sent by a node (len = 1).

    Changing the end code of process() from

    if (msgCallback != NULL)


    if (msgCallback != NULL && len > 1)

    solved the issue. But I think it's a temporary patch and not the right solution. Could the MySensors developers please take a look at this issue.
    And thank you for a great project and all hard work done!

  • Admin

    Are you running 1.4.1? If not please re-verify and post your results.

  • No, I'm running 1.4.
    OK, I'll give it a try and post results. Thank you.

  • Well now after switching to 1.4.1 it seems to be OK. Also the commands from controller seem to arrive faster.
    Thank you for your help!

  • Admin

    Good to hear.

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