MySensors 2.1.0 Released

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    :star2: We are happy to announce the release of MySensors 2.1.0! :loudspeaker:

    Major changes:

    • Bug fixes and lots of improvements under the hood
    • Added support for Raspberry Pi
    • New transport layer: RFM95 (LoRa mode)
    • Improved transport layer debug messages, see here.

    For additional release notes, see here.
    Documentation can be found here.

    :tada: Happy New Year 2017! Have lots of fun and stay tuned for new features coming... :smile:

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    Congratulations with a well done job!

    (And a happy new year!)

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    Great work!
    Can I mix nodes with 2.0 and 2.1 in the same network or do I need to upgrade all 2.0 nodes (including the gateway) at the same time?

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    @mfalkvidd Yes, 2.1.0 and 2.0.0 nodes can be mixed - to eliminate the bugs found in 2.0.0 I recommend upgrading all nodes/GW to 2.1.0

  • Does this mean we can now have a multiple sensor LoRa network with secure 2 way communications and error detection/re-transmit?
    Would really like to see a working example of this - no need for repeaters!

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • I guess everyone else is waiting for their RFM95 radios to arrive in the post from China?!?

    I can confirm that MySensors 2.1 works on ProMini (W5100 MQTT Gateway & ProMini Node) using RFM95/LoRa.
    I used the wiring and edited the W5100.h file (not sure i needed to, i tested RFM69 working first) as in this post in the forum - [SOLVED] W5100 Ethernet gateway with RFM69 Radio fails at init

    The node didnt connect to the gateway at first but after adding capacitors, stating the RFM Frequency and reducing the transmit power to 2 (gateway and node were 1m apart), it came to life.
    Just tested with door switch but all looks good.

    Thanks MySesnors!!

  • @hek @tekka do you know if MySensors 2.1 will work with the higher power RFM95PW? RF Transmitter and Receiver Module Datasheet REV1.1.pdf

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    @Tris The datasheet refers to RFM96/98 for software information - I haven't looked into the details, but I assume it should be compatible with minor adjustments to the power level settings.

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