Using an arduino nano as proximity sensor similar thing

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    Anybody an idea if there is a way to use an Arduino nano as a kind of proximity thing? My idea is to use it in 1) the car 2) a bag so everytime I (or my car) is in the neighborhood of my vera, the alarm shuts down etc... At the moment there is no way of telling Vera if a device comes back online to do some tasks, except when using ping of course, but that is not that accurate, plus my car has a wifi point as well and my phone stays connected to the car instead of connecting to the home wifi...

    Just a thought no idea if it can be programmed in the code itself...


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  • @riochicken For your car, you could create a MySensors node that would communicate with the gateway at a regular interval with a value. This could be connected to your car and when in range of your gateway or a repeater node it would tell your controller that your car is in range, or home. You could have multiple nodes, such as one for each of your cars (if you have more than one) to tell when you or your wife's vehicles are home or away.

    Another option too is using geofencing with your phone. The vera phone app has a geofencing option, but there are limitations and drawbacks to that too. This requires that your phone be charged and running with the GPS enabled at all times which is not always practical.

    Reliable intelligent occupancy sensing is one of the holy grails of home automation, For now we need to work with what we have.

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    @riochicken maybe you could use something like @flopp's car start counter, but instead of number of car starts you would report the current time. The controller could then disarm the alarm when the current time is recent. When the car leaves, it will no longer update the time stamp. The controller can then re-arm the alarm if the time stamp is too old.

  • @MiKa Thanks Mika, but not that what I am looking for, I would like to use it with a mysensor setup if possible..

  • I used a ESP8266WiFi module with a static IP address and that seems to be working fine, but then again, the car needs to be in the neighborhood... Would be nice to have something like a bluetooth module of some kind to detect a bluetooth device such as my phone... gotta keep on dreaming... 🙂

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