Send library version in setup

  • Hi,

    I know there is a type of internal message to send the library version : I_VERSION.
    I will like to send this information during presentation, so during the setup. Like we show the sketch and version of sketch, I think it's a good place.
    But I'm not sur what is the best way to do it. Do we have to use a general message and say it's type I_VERSION or is there a gw.sendVersion method for exemple ?

    On the Jeedom controller I want to record the lib version. Doing it during presentation like sketch will be better than what I can do now (on every sensor presentation, so can be 20 for one node)



  • Admin

    This will change in the next (2.0) version. The upcoming node message (sent at startup) will contain library version.

  • Thanks for the answer, that's a good thing I think. Like this we can keep all informations on the controller at once and have an easy way to see them whatever we want to use OTA or manual update.

    Waiting for 2.0, what is the best way to do it for now ?

  • Admin

    Already today library version is transmitted. It's sent as a string in the payload for all presentation messages (which is a bit redundant).

  • Yes, I get it from presentation messages, but like you say a little redundant 🙂
    So, if I can send it once in setup, like this it's better for the controller, not too much work for nothing, just take care of the message send by setup and it's done.