talking to vera with arduino

  • i am trying to use a arduino mega to make a modified version of the irrigation system that is posted in the build section of the website, and i am wondering the specifics on using vera. do i need two radios to talk between each other? for example, one radio connected to the board and another connected to the computer with a controller? or can i upload the code onto the arduino and vera will recognize the device once the arudino is powered with a radio disconnected from the computer?

  • Admin

    Connect a gateway (with radio) to your Vera. Either by USB or over ethernet.

    As I guess your irrigation node is wireless?

    The MySensors Vera plugin will create the devices when presented over the air. Remember to activate the inclusion mode feature on the gateway.

  • thanks for the reply!
    Also, will i be able to have no problems using a mega as compared to a pro mini for the irrigation project?

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