help for step by step wiring and configure a gateway with RS485 module and raspberry pi 3

  • hi friend can you help for wiring and configure a RS485 module with raspberrypi ?
    i have a raspberry gateway with rf24 ( /dev/ttyUSB020 ) but i also a wiring gateway side rf24. i want use other gpio for rs485 (difference rf24 gpio)also difference virtual port serial
    thank you :pray:

  • @b0rmann @marceloaqno
    my friends please help :(
    for wiring :
    MAX485 raspberry3

    so for configure:
    first remove this line?
    2th add this lines?

    git clone --branch master
    cd MySensors
    ( change sketch of gateway? convert to rs485 gateway? )
    ./configure --my-gateway=serial --my-rs485-serial-port=/dev/ttyAMA0 --my-serial-baudrate=115200
    sudo ./bin/mysgw -h
    sudo ./bin/mysgw -d
    sudo make install

    i have a folder for fr24 gateway .so can use other folder for rs485 gateway ? so i have 2 gateway on raspberry (with gpio and uart)?
    please help

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    i've not followed all the rpi stuff, so 'im not expert on this.. but is the Mysensors rs485 working on linux port? i'm not sure.

    Then, on which serial port do you plan to use rs485 and nrf24? Mysensors can't do two transports layer on the same output.. at least for the moment. You would need to separate your 2 gateways on two differents serial ports.

  • @scalz
    thank you for answer
    now i use a raspberry gateway with nrf24 and a rs485 with usbport with arduino and in domoticz add 2 gateway (wireless and wire) and both work ! but i want use raspberry for rs485 without arduino. rf24 is using virtual ttyUSB020 and can i use AMA0 for uart and rs485 ?

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    oki. well i can't tell you if rs485 without arduino is working on rpi, but i don't think far as i know only nrf24, rfm69 ported..

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  • @scalz
    ok very thanks for answer :pray:
    but if will ok so this is very pretty , i dont have any problem with sensors with nrf24 but for relay with nrf and domoticz i have very error of nack... so this is a good solution. now i have all sensors (wireless) with nrf and i have relay (wiring) with rs485 . if can use uart for rs485 instead of usb port and without arduino so this is exellent.
    again thank you for answer

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    @Reza You need to set the transport to use the rs485:


  • @Reza
    Remeber, that GPIO Uart on RPi3 is not ttyAMA0 like with RPi2( it is bluetooth now ).
    GPIO is ttyS0 on RPi3.

    Or read this thread too:

  • Thank you friends :pray:

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