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  • Hi,

    I want 3 RGB(W) led strips in my room, which I can control via Domoticz (and MySensors). I look for some led strips and I want a addressable led strip. I'm a beginner with MySensors, so creating a custom board is not an option. I also found this board: https://www.mysensors.org/hardware/rgbw-controller but, soldering the small parts is also not an option.

    Is there an easy option to control an addressable RGB(W) strip with MySensors and Domoticz?

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    @niek not soldering and nothing custom sound like a commercial product to me. Most of the sollutions here is do it yourself which we like alot 🙂 This (https://www.mysensors.org/build/dimmer) might be were you need to start and see if this is ok for you.

  • Ha, I like soldering, but smd soldering is a step to far 🙂 (I'm a programmer :))
    But, I have search further and I looks like I didn't need a controller for an APA102 led strip, so I ordered some strips in China.
    I will look if it is possible to control those with MySensors, and post some code here of course.

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    @niek Nice to hear! Good luck!

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    You dont need special hardware for those digital strips (normally), just some kind of IC sending serial data. So just get any arduino board, connect power to the board and your strip (don't power it via the board, but separately!) and get some kind of library that can control the digital led strip. It should be simple to integrate that into a mysensors sketch afterwards.

  • @LastSamurai That is exactly what I did 😉 Ordered some ledstrips in China, and I want to use that with FastLed or some smilar lib.
    So, I'm waiting to the strips when they are get delivered.

  • I recently bought a SK6812 based strip but haven't found the time yet to try it out. Having SK6812 RGBW should make these much more suitable for actual lighting, not only decoration. I will post a followup here once I have tried these, probably I'll do it along with the WS2813 tests.

  • @matthewdllh hi, did you have any luck with the strips? I am considering those as well. Can you share the link from where you purchased them? Maybe some more info about the project if you got any success with it?

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