MySensors -> ElectricImp -> Xively

  • MySensors is such an awesome development! Thank you guys, keep up the wonderful work.

    The objective for my first MySensors project was very simple, connect a wireless network of sensors and store the data in the cloud.
    This project involves the following,

    1. Several sensors (temperature, humidity, pressure, light, power)
    2. Gateway
    3. Electric Imp (for wireless connection to internet and Xively)
    4. Xively (for logging the sensor data)

    I do not own a Vera to act as the controller, though I own a Raspberry Pi, seems like there will be alot more development needed for this hardware. Hence, I settled without using a controller for now. Since I just wanted to log sensor data (no actuation for now).

    Modifications needed to MySensors code:

    1. Sensors
      • Since there is no controller to provide the sensor ID, i had to force the ID by entering it in the gw.begin() statement ie. gw.begin(10) for ID 10
    2. Gateway
      • No modicifations needed here
    3. Electric Imp (receive serial comm from gateway and post to Xively)

    Feel free to post your interest and I will be more then willing to share more of my experience.

  • Here are the results in Xively.
    You will noticed I used the Node ID and Child ID as the Channel name.