Lightweight RF433/nRF24L01 interface for Arduino(s) <-> Raspberry Pi(s) communications

  • Hi, everybody

    I want to can receive informations such as the temperature, humidity, movement and sound detection, etc ... from multiples Arduinos to a local Raspberry Pi that can analyse/store/make somes locals actions and send the result of his computation/states to a central server.

    This is for to can handle multiples storey in an entire building, with one Arduino into each room and one distinct Raspberry Pi for to handle a portion of each storey and only one "big" server for to handle the entire building

    Each Arduino has to communicate with it local Raspberry Pi using RF433 (or nRF24L01) wireless modules and we have one or more locals Raspberry Pi per storey that communicate their locals information to a "big" central server using the building Internet and/or WiFi network)

    Each Raspberry Pi has to independantly handle a portion of a storey and have to regulary communicate to a central server where we have a global view of the temperature/humidity/movement/... of alls rooms.

    So, each local Rasperry Pi has to make operations/dΓ©cisions in fonctions of his currents states and thus cannot only to be a gateway, because it has really to act as a local server BUT it has too to transmit some informations to a global server where we can have a global view of alls rooms in the building.

    This seem like a multi-stars network where each Raspberry Pi have to handle a local RF433/nRF24L01 network with multiples Arduinos and where alls Raspberry Pis has to communicate with a central server using the already existant building Internet and/or Wifi network

    I don't have any problem about the handling of sensors on the Arduino platform or the handling of the Internet/WiFi communication between Rapsberry Pis and the central server.

    My problem is "only" a the level of the RF433/nRF24L01 wireless communication between locals Arduinos and the local Raspberry Pi that I want to be as lightweight as possible but where I want to can analyse/handle independandly each message for to can make locals decisions, cf. not always transmit alls informations to the global server, only the aggregation of somes of them, and for to can make a maximum of locally computations/actions

    For example, switch on/off lights where a person enter in a room don't need to make the big circuit local Arduino -> local Pi -> global server -> local Pi -> local Arduino when only the local circuit Arduino <-> local Rapsberry Pi is more than enough BUT the Raspberry Pi has to send to the server the information about the presence (or absence) of one person in the room and the on/off state of each local light and only them for that the server know all the time where lights are on/off and where rooms contain persons or not (for to can down the eating/light of one entire storey or building when any person is present into this storey or building the week-end for example)

    How can I handle this ?


  • I think to have find the response at πŸ™‚

    My problem was to can directly communicate with MySensors objets without the need to pass via external controller such as Domotiz , for to use the less possible ressources on Raspberry Pi nodes and to have a maximal liberty about the handling of MySensors objets

  • Mod

    If you use mysensors, it's actually lightweight for wireless communication. If you want to send information to an external server I think that using a local mqtt on the raspberry that replicates messages to another mqtt server on the Internet, is the easiest solution. On the external server you can then use anything you like to read or write data to the mqtt, so you can have a lot of flexibility.

  • Mod

    I think to have find the response at πŸ™‚

    This documentation is pretty nice, but unfortunately a bit outdated (it covers MySensors 1.5 and the current release is 2.1.1)
    The "Download and API" link at the top of the forum contains the latest api documentation.

  • Lot of thanks, Gohan and Mfalkvidd

    This API seem very cool πŸ™‚

    => a test a little this API and think to come back the next week with my first impression about the use of this API
    (this API seem already to handle PIRs, so I have already at last one very simple electronic component for to begin with this API πŸ™‚ )


  • Mod

    It handles already the majority of the home automation sensors πŸ˜‰

  • Thank, Gohan

    Where can I find one example about the DHT11 or DHT22 for example ?


  • Mod

    Always start from the main site, a lot of things have been already covered πŸ˜‰

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