Android App - Client ethernet gateway

  • Hi,

    i built an app. You can connect to a mysensors ethernet gateway and it will display incoming messages.


    It's not available through the app store. Here is the debug build of the app:

    (link to debug build removed. Download via playstore)


    • The app requires network access rights
    • Installation of apps from "unknown sources" has to be enabled to install and use this
      • See: Settings/Advanced Settings/Security/Unknown Sources
    • When connected, the app will keep the connection as long as the activity is in memory.

  • The app is available via the play store since yesterday.

    Feedback is always welcome.

  • Hardware Contributor

    @checkup Nice! I just tried it and it worked out of the box... great work!
    Nice to have your phone beside you wahtching the gw when you have to debug the connection.

  • @sundberg84 Thanks for the positive feedback. I'm already testing v1.1a which includes an additional view where you can send messages into the network. A release can be expected next week.


  • The update 1.1 is online and should be available by tomorrow.

  • @checkup I was trying this app and accidentally put in wrong IP address. The froze and had to end app. I have submitted the log report.

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