Plugin not working..... error: unexpected symbol near '<' <0x2ba1d680>

  • first...My serial gateway was working fine. One day it stopped woring and i decided to upgrade to latest versions.

    Now i cant make it work again!!!

    I can configure the serial port and create the My Sensors Plugin device, however always getting error when engine starts (Lua startup failure).

    im seeing this error on log

    50 02/24/17 11:20:22.545 luup_log:101: Arduino plugin: loading library L_Arduino ... LEAK this:966656 start:2011136 to 0x104f000 <0x2ba1d680>
    01 02/24/17 11:20:22.602 luup_require [string "..."]:5: unexpected symbol near '<' <0x2ba1d680>
    01 02/24/17 11:20:22.605 luup_log:101: Arduino plugin: plugin is not installed correctly. Library L_Arduino cannot be loaded. <0x2ba1d680>
    01 02/24/17 11:20:22.606 LuaInterface::CallFunction_Startup-2 device 101 function startup failed (null) with return false <0x2ba1d680>

    just nano has the ftdi chip

    thanks for your help

  • Admin

    @otolosa I looks like the Vera plugin files are not installed correctly... I suggest that you remove the existing plugin files and reinstall following the instructions here - Make sure that you install the correct version - either UI5 or UI7.

  • @blacey thanks for your reply

    Thats exactly what i did (well didnt remove old files)

    Downloaded latest library, latest arduino ide, and the vera files ...that arent exactly new

    Uploaded the 9 files to vera, uploaded the serial gateway sketch to my nano

    Actually... I tried 3 different mysensors library versions with the same result.

    Any ideas?

  • FIXED!!!!

    i used I_Arduino1.xml and L_Arduino.lua from development branch and now the plugin its working!!!!

    I'll include some sensors and check if everything works

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