Ethernet Gateway code for UNO with plugged-in ethernet shield

  • Dear all,

    The MySensor program of the Ethernet gateway didn't work.
    I saw a few posts saying to change background code / hardware if you work with UNO / Ethernet shield.
    The comments about that are not clear for me, the reason way I post this issue.
    The goal is to connect with Domoticz (on Synology) via the MySensor Ethernet gateway.
    Can someone gives me a hint or link to a solved post?

    thanks in advance 😉

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    You want to build a gateway but for which of the supported interfaces?

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    @ArduiSens I have an uno with w5100 Ethernet shield connecting to Domoticz running on my Synology . So it should work for you too. Have a look at this post and see if the information there helps.
    If not post your sketch and we may be able to find the problem

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