Water flow and pressure Sensor

  • WaterMeter-MS-3.0i-RFM95

    Data from the MySensor node to MQTT-gateway to MQTT to Telegraf to InFluxdb to Grafana.
    Controller function via NODE.RED connected via MQTT.

    0_1488549650584_Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 6.29.37 AM.png

    It measures water flow from a Dwyer WMT2 water meter in pulse per gallon.

    Used a 0 to 100PSI pressure sensor (from ebay), via an analog port.

    Support MCP9800 or Si7021 (humidity also) for air temp.

    Two relay outputs

    3 Analog inputs

    MAX6816 or analog filter for contact de-bouncing for water meter

    Powered via an 8 to 28v AC or DC external power source

    (Board is designed to fit in a Hammond 1554 case)

    Processor is a Moteino R4 LoRa with a RFM95


    • Gal per minutes
    • Gal per hour
    • Gal per day
    • Gal of current flow
    • Total gallons
    • Air Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Water pressure
    • Excessive Flow Message



    design file are located at:


    1_1488551446939_IMG_5072a.jpg 0_1488551446939_IMG_5073a.jpg

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