Mailbox notifier with apds 9960 proximity

  • I share today an experimental project for my mailbox. The idea was to get a pushover notification when mail delivery is done. I live in an apartment and hate to do a stupid walk to check downstairs my mailbox. Initial tests have been done with a weighter sensor on the bottom of the mailbox. But unfortunately it was too dependent on the position of the letters. During evaluation of the apds 9960 proximity sensor I got this simple idea to mesure the proximity from the bottom to the top of the mailbox, and when a letter is put inside the mailbox, the sensor detecte a change on the distance and send a notification. I don't have yet enough experience on the battery duration.
    0_1488641869783_IMG_0190.JPG 0_1488641883196_IMG_0191.JPG 0_1488641892438_IMG_0192.JPG 0_1488641979578_IMG_0193.PNG

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