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    GSM at node level is necessary for instance if one want to build a DIY GPS tracker. The arduino wold both read the GPS data and send them through GSM only when there is a significant change in position. This would need merging the sketches for the GPS and the GSM but also removing the unneeded code related to NRF transfers but also the whole mysensors protocol fro communication between nodes and gateway_to_controller. Eventually this is not related anymore to a smarthome network so probably this is not the good forum to discuss this project...

    However If the receiver is also a GSM node connected to a gateway i'm wondering wether we could keep the mysensors protocol being understood that it's just a matter of replacing the usual NRF24 communication by a GSM communication.

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    In some locations, there are alternatives to GSM. I use LoRaWAN, which is more suited to low power devices.

    If using GSM, I would set up a gateway with a locally attached gps sensor. The gateway can be ethernet or mqtt. There would be no need to remove any nrf code or replacing anything, it would just work as a normal gateway.

  • @mfalkvidd Thanks for the info, i don't know much about LoraWAN , but the modules seem much more expansive than SIM800 GSM. for a DiY GPS tracker in a vehicle, the low energy consumption is also less crucial if the GSM is only used when motion is detected (GPS coordinates change).

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    I'm also looking into GPS traker with a couple of actuators and for what I have seen so far, the easiest way is probably using mqtt but I still have to find what would be the best way to show it on a map. I'm looking at the adafruit fona that has the library to connect to mqtt.

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    @gohan I use PubNub and MapBox. Example: and

    Publishing to PubNub can be done directly from Arduino, either through MQTT or REST.

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