Atmega328+rfm69HW sleep mode problem

  • i have a problem with atmega328p + rfm69hw. I have bootloader with bod disable for 8 mhz internal. The problem is not run in power mode when i wire rf69 to atmega with sketch lowpowerlab, radiohead, etc consumption near 5 mAh, but if upload simple sketch in atmega with avr/sleep library without rfm69 consumption is 30 uAh .What is the proble for you? The output pin 11 is HIGH when use sketch example lowpowerlab etc library!!!!

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    I recently discovered the same problem in my design and after weeks of debugging I found out that I was using the wrong flux. So my first guess here: have you double checked the wiring?
    Have you switched the RFM69 module?

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    It depends. You don't give enough informations:

    • hardware? 328p standalone with custom board, the circuit? arduino mini, hacked ? ..
    • Measurement? how do you measure power consumption? multimeter only, not the most precise, uCurrent Gold ? ..
    • software? what's your sketch? are you using Mysensors? have you tried Gammon sketch "J" ? ..

    you should be able to get a few uA. Without any lib, i already got that; 140nA for 328p, <1uA rfm69 in sleep mode..

    Side note : you don't need to create two topics, Mysensors is an active community 😉

  • @TimO
    Yes have rfm69hw....the problem is wiring? What do you think? To change wiring is solution?

  • @scalz
    Hardware 328 standalone with 8mhzinternal bod inactive; in breadboard with rfm69hw only;
    With gommon sketch 20uah, with pir and rfm69 and lowpower library 4 mah
    For mesuring ampere extech voltmeter standard in serial with source 3,3 v Tanks

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    if you follow gammon howto for connecting 328p on breadboard, + sketch J, without the radio you should get 140nA.
    why do you want to use lowpower lib? you can try gammon low power sketch for testing if your hardware is ok, then move to mysensors.
    For your PIR, i don't know it depends of your module. i use custom made stuff so..
    Maybe the 20uA is due to imprecision of voltmeter only, not sure, i use an uCurrent.

  • @scalz
    Ok i rebuild all and try with gammon low power , what is my sensor library for try with rfm69?
    I want try with simple sleep forever and interrupt pin to wake when pir is high

  • @scalz
    Can you advise bootloader with internal Clock 8mhz and bod disable?it'same the bootloader in the Arduino ide board like 8mhzinternal for gammon sketch? Tanks

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    it is not recommended to disable bod in fuses (better set it to 1.8v)
    It's better to disable it by software in sleep function like in Mysensors sleep, or gammon sketch.
    you can use MYSbootloader or Sensebender Micro bootloader, lowpowerlab dualoptiboot etc..
    or this link too

  • @scalz
    Tanks bye

  • Hy,
    I have insert into ide board the sensebender micro, it' S possible to use sensebender micro bootloader 8mhz for my project like: atmega328 8mhz internal pir sensor, rfm69 in sleep mode with 2 aa battery for low consumption?

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